Medical insurance can be confusing.

We’re here to help.

ActivStyle has been providing disposable medical supplies to people with Medicare, Medicaid and various other insurance plans for over 15 years.

The Customer Care Representatives at ActivStyle will verify your individual insurance plan and help you understand exactly what is covered, and what is not.


What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that provides medical care to people over 65 who have paid into Medicare, usually through their employer, at some point in their lives.  People can also qualify if they have certain long-term disabilities. Seniors are covered regardless of their income, but it’s not free. Beneficiaries pay monthly premiums and deductibles.

Medicaid is state run health insurance program that is based on need and is generally provided to people of low income or to those with certain disabilities. Medicaid programs have different requirements and benefits from state to state. With Medicaid, there are no monthly premiums.

Will Medicare pay for adult diapers?

Unfortunately the answer is no, except while you are in the hospital or skilled nursing facility. This includes most Medicare advantage or Medicare replacement plans.

Medicaid does cover bladder control supplies such as adult diapers in most states. (Not all states) However, benefits and requirements are different from state to state.  You can contact ActivStyle to find out the guidelines for your state, or you can also contact your state Medicaid office.